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We strive to provide you with the highest quality frame and lenses that are designed to meet your personal visual needs. You have a right to your eyeglass prescription at the conclusion of the exam. We hope you will support local businesses like us who contribute to the community.


If you decide to shop elsewhere, we certainly understand and we will be pleased to provide your ongoing eye and vision care. We can provide your basic pupillary distance measurement. In the case that you are having problems with your eyeglasses purchased elsewhere, we can only verify the basic lens parameters in new glasses to see if they match your prescription.


We cannot troubleshoot optical measurements taken by others, visual problems from inaccurate optical measurements, or other issues with the lenses. Correction or changes in the eyewear will be up to you and the eyewear vendor.

We are unable to adjust outside frames due to the risk of breakage.


Every pair of eyeglasses is custom-fitted to meet your particular prescriptive needs. The following services and measurements are only available to eyeglasses purchased from our optical. 


Seg height

Vertical optical center

Vertex distance

Pantoscopic tilt

Face wrap


Eye and bridge size

Temple length

Frame model and color

Frame material 

Frame style

Frame bevel


Lens material

Lens design

Index of refraction

Tints, dyes



Base curve


Eyeglass dispensing adjustment

Education and training on lens and frame features and care

Ongoing adjustments

Minor repairs

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